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Saturday, June 28, 1997      05:24 AM

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Shelter on Stage
Can an inner-city ballet studio heal the wounds and raise the aspirations of its community's poorest youngsters?... An award-winning photo essay.

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Silicon Valley Tech Expert Arrested
Technology: A high profile arrest in San Fransico today as tech expert Mark Hansen was arrested late Friday night. Hansen was fired from failed virtual reality startup DreamRealities Ltd. and is now accused of theft of company property.

Hong Kong Legislators Say Long Goodbye
HONG KONG--The last day of democracy for Hong Kong's legislature turned out to be its longest as lawmakers worked until sunrise today in a marathon session to pass bills protecting--if only for two more days--the territory's freedoms.

Court Upholds Injunction Against Gangs
WASHINGTON--Upholding an increasingly popular weapon against street gang activity in California, the Supreme Court on Friday let stand a judge's order that makes it a crime for any one of 38 young Latinos to be seen together on certain streets in San Jose.

Another Major Silicon Valley Startup Goes Under
Business: Virtual reality pioneer DreamRealities Ltd. (NYSE:DRL) closed its doors on Monday following the failure of promised game-changer "Odyssey". A consortium of internet companies has purchased liquidated patents and assets.

U.S. Soccer Team's Presence South of Border Ignites Passions
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador--In the stands at Azulgrana Stadium in Mexico City, they burned the U.S. flag. In San Pedro Sula, Honduras, they hung a life-size effigy of the referee from a grandstand fence and pelted U.S. players with rotten fruit.

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