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DreamRealities Ltd. is an internet company creating the future of Virtual Reality. Our solutions are changing the virtual landscape every day, in this exciting new era of technology.


the build

n3tw0rks0ul - April 1, 2016 - 6:00 pm

what was once forgotten, is now reopened.

On Hiatus Until Further Notice

Dylan Maddox - March 28, 1996 - 3:32 pm

Until further notice, the DreamRealities Ltd. website will no longer be updated. As we move company resources among our various investments, and pending an investigation into our former webmaster, we must ensure that the quality of our research and products comes first.

At this time, we have no ability to modify or delete previous news entries. Please bear with us, and do not read any further. Unauthorized trespassing on this web zone will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.

Unforseen Consequences

Mark Hansen - March 28, 1996 - 9:05 am

Odyssey became something we could have never forseen.

I am limited in what I publicly convey, but I believe this will be important in our lifetimes.I am now convinced that VR is much more than a simple tool or software. That computer code is more than just ones and zeros.

The world needs to know what Odyssey truly is, even if it means risking my livelihood. So I've locked down the site, to ensure these messages are here when the time comes.

The answers are in the source.

- Mark

Still Pushing Forward!

Johnathan Randall - March 2, 1996 - 11:26 am

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another exciting posting about the future of Virtual Reality.

I, as always, am Johnathan Randall, and I have more exciting news from the frontier!

Odyssey is still in the works, as I know many of you have been wondering. Its been a while since our last posting, so I wanted to reassure our valued potential customers and investors. While the shareholder meeting did shake things up a bit, I am confident that some day Odyssey will become publicly available! However, we will again be pushing back our release date to some time in late 1997. Hang tight!

To hold you over, here are some incredible new images of the virtual world! Enjoy.


Woah! Now that's some rad stuff. Until next time, catch you on the far side!

Annual Shareholder Meeting

Dylan Maddox - February 5, 1996 - 8:01 am

Shareholders and investors,

Our annual shareholder meeting will be held on February 28th, 1996, 8:00 am sharp at 2 WTC in room 5307.

Thank you,

Dylan Maddox
C.F.O. DreamRealities Ltd.

The Future is On the Horizon

Johnathan Randall - December 26, 1995 - 1:58 pm

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the DreamRealities Ltd. website and this news posting. I hope you had a fantastic holiday.

I wanted to share with you some of the wonderous news about our work on virtual reality. As you know, we have been developing Odyssey, your gateway to digital cyberspace, for some years now. I am happy to report that our research has come a long way in those years! New technology is allowing us to manipulate the digital world in ways impossible to describe. These new advances are tremendous opportunities to expand the scope of what was previously possible, and so we will be pushing our release date back to late 1996. It is important for us to be responsible when it comes to the safety of our customers.

Thank you for reading, and have a very happy New Year!


Web site maintainance

Mark Hansen - January 7, 1994 - 9:54 pm

The website will be down this weekend due to maintainance. For ugent matters, please visit our contact page for contact information.

DreamRealities Ltd. IPO

Dylan Maddox - October 2, 1993 - 8:10 pm

We are pleased to announce that DreamRealities Ltd. is going public via an initial public offering (IPO) of newly issued stock.

DreamRealities Ltd. has quickly become the world leader in research and development of virtual reality technology. We would like to thank all management, engineering, public relations, and human resources staff for this historic achievment.

A New Voyage into Virtual Reality

Johnathan Randall - July 15, 1993 - 12:40 pm

Hello, I'm Johnathan Randall, C.E.O. of DreamRealities Ltd.

Today I'm excited to announce Odyssey - a revolutionary new virtual reality technology that will change the way we use computer systems.

Odyssey will allow users to step into a virtual space, and experience things never before possible. This state of the art technology will soon be available to anyone using a home computer, and an internet connection.

We hope to see you in the virtual world soon!

Welcome to the new web site

Mark Hansen - July 14, 1993 - 2:32 pm

The DreamRealities Ltd. web site is officially open!

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